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CDLI 2018 Big MEet UP. On Nov 24, 2018 Calgarians young and old from across the city gathered at the CDLI Big Meet Up. A big thanks to everyone who braved the weather to spend the day together discussing and sharing ways to better support resident-led community change in Calgary. Look out for highlights from this year’s Big Meet Up to come soon. Meet thousands of local calgary singles, as the world's largest dating site we make dating in calgary easy! Plenty of Fish is 100% Free, unlike paid dating sites. You will get more interest and responses here than all paid dating sites combined! Over 1,500,000 Daters login every day to Plenty of Fish. Calgary Investors & Traders — Stocktwits Meetups 745 Market Enthusiasts Inner Engineering Calgary (Isha Yoga & Meditation Classes) Find over 12 Calgary groups with 7060 members near you and meet people in your local community who share your interests. Find a group in Calgary Imagine what you could do with the right people by your side. Check out groups in the Calgary area and give one a try. Join Meetup. Let's Meetup! All groups Groups your friends have joined Arts Beliefs Book Clubs Career & Business Dance Family Fashion & Beauty Film Food & Drink Meetups in Calgary are organized for distinctive genres and suiting varied interests of the event goers. There are this Calgary singles meetup for all the single men and ladies seeking for connection. There are entrepreneurs meetup, badminton meetup, startup meetups, coffee meetups and many more meetups in Calgary that are lined up for you. Experience Calgary’s most diverse meet up – for women! Each meet up will encompass different themes and activities. This group is designed to build community and bring women together, as activities such as dance classes, downtown hikes, makeup parties, dinner dates, movies, clothing swaps, wine and cheese night will be explored! Find Meetups and meet people in your local community who share your interests. Make a plan to vote: Here's everything you need to vote on November 3rd. Make your voice heard. ... Find a group in Calgary Imagine what you could do with the right people by your side. Check out groups in the Calgary area and give one a try. Join Meetup. Let's Meetup!

Calgary: Onward

2008.10.02 16:45 Calgary: Onward

The city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

2020.10.21 14:26 YogaRoham Playmates, Halloween, and beyond

Hello friendly neighbors. Me and my wife moved here from Calgary at the start of the year and are having a hard time finding playmates for our 4 year old girl and 2.5 year old boy. Halloween is coming and I thought it could be a good time to meet some new families who may be in the same position as us.
We live very central and speak a couple different languages around the house like German, Farsi and Spanish, but mostly English. We would love to meet up for a Halloween Trick or Treat walk, or maybe a play date at a local park.
Have a great day everyone.
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2020.10.21 13:54 2112trader Investing News Morning Roundup – October 21, 2020

Investing News Morning Roundup – October 21, 2020
Stimulus talks between the House and the White House are apparently moving forward, but the leader of the Senate does not seem to have any interest in the huge numbers being discussed. Interest rates are ticking higher today as talk of a Democratic sweep in the election gains traction.
Google sued by US government over antitrust concerns over Apple search deals
An antitrust lawsuit has been expected from the US government and yesterday it arrived. Inside Google (GOOGL) they had a name for this possibility, “Code Red”. The US government’s case against Google is based largely on its agreement with Apple (AAPL). All Apple iPhone and other products have Google’s search engine as the default choice. So, when a user does a search on an iPhone, they get Google search results and related advertising. The Department of Justice is alleging Google misused its power in an anticompetitive manner. The government says that Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai met in 2018 to discuss how the companies could work together to drive search-revenue growth. After that meeting, senior executives exchanged messages with an Apple executive saying, “Our vision is that we work as if we are one company.” Not a good look. The lawsuit alleges Apple earns 15% to 20% of its profits from this one deal. That means Google pays as much as $11 billion, or roughly one-third of Alphabet’s annual profits, to Apple for the top position on the iPhone. In return, Apple-originated search traffic adds up to half of Google search volume, the government says. There has been little comment from both companies since the announcement. “This lawsuit would do nothing to help consumers,” said Kent Walker, Google’s chief legal officer, in a blog post. “To the contrary, it would artificially prop up lower-quality search alternatives, raise phone prices, and make it harder for people to get the search services they want to use.” That sort of comment would be expected from a company being sued as such. The lawsuit will likely take years to complete. The news, however, has the potential to be quite negative for both stocks.
Amazon to get employees work from home through June 2021
Amazon (AMZN) has informed some employees they can work from home until at least June 2021 as virus cases grow in the US. “We continue to prioritize the health of our employees and follow local government guidance,” an Amazon spokeswoman said in an email. “Employees who work in a role that can effectively be done from home are welcome to do so until June 30, 2021.” Amazon follows Alphabet’s (GOOGL) Google, Facebook (FB), Twitter (TWTR) and Square (SQ) in making the move. Amazon’s warehouse workers continue to report to job sites but its white collar workforce will be able to remain at home. Amazon “has invested significant funds and resources to keep those who choose to come to the office safe through physical distancing, deep cleaning, temperature checks, and by providing face coverings and hand sanitizer,” the spokeswoman said.
Facebook building local feature to connect with neighbors
Facebook (FB) is looking at Nextdoor Inc’s success and plans for an IPO and wants a piece of the action. So, the company is building a feature that allows neighbors to connect with one another. Facebook has dubbed the new feature “Neighborhoods”. A screenshot of the new feature that is presently being tested was shared on social media yesterday. Users can create a unique profile by entering their address to be connected with people who live close to them. The new feature is being tested in just one city, Calgary. Facebook had been pushing people toward more intimate interactions within the app in recent years, including private groups and messaging, as a way to increase usage of its services. Nextdoor’s success is no doubt a driver of Facebook’s effort to mimic their product. Nextdoor is reviewing a number of options for going public, according to press reports.
Eli Lilly plant used to produce Covid-19 vaccine flagged with problems
FDA inspectors have been at Eli Lilly’s (LLY) New Jersey plants conducting inspections over the past months and did not like what they saw. The FDA inspected the plant during a 4-week site inspection and reported its observations “support a major failure of quality assurance.” The plant is where Lily plans to ramp up Covid-19 vaccine production, but the inspectors wrote the inspection group “feels it is still imperative that FDA take action.” The compliance officers recommended that the company receive a warning letter, one of the agency’s strongest enforcement measures. Inspectors found that employees often overrode testing systems when problems occurred. This has the potential to be negative for Eli’s stock.
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2020.10.20 17:51 JoeCTravels Western Canada travel in late Oct advice

Hey all,
Likely driving from Vancouver to Jasper, Alberta next week (Oct 26). Was originally going to do a night in Whistler and possibly a night in either Kamloops, Revelstoke (to hit Icefield Pkwy way up), or Clearwater before Jasper's final leg. I've been reading Whistler isn't really worth it in Oct, esp with Covid restrictions. Any advice on places to stay see this time of year on or around Vancouver's route to Jasper. I have from Monday to Wednesday to get to Jasper. I'll then be driving down the Icefield to Calgary to meet the rest of my travel group and will stay 3 days in Radium Hot Springs and Banff. I've only really added Jasper because I've read the drive is a must-do, although I can change that part of my trip. The only part of my concrete trip is I'm in Vancouver on Monday the 26th and have to get to Calgary (by car, most likely) by Thursday the 29th. Any and all opinions on spending those 4 days are whether staying in around BC and exploring and then flying to CGY or driving to Jasper and then onto CGY I'm completely open to.
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2020.10.19 11:14 Edwardthecrazyman My boss is friends with cultists.

1/ 2/ 3/ 4
As the morning light poured in through the windows, I wiped the boogers from my eyes and peered around the room, snuggling the blanket around my throat. I heard Felix groan next to me and I rolled over, pushing my body into his and throwing an arm around him. He stirred a little as I wormed my arm under his, smacking his lips and saying something to the affect of, “I’ll kill you.”
I chuckled and scooched in even closer, pushing my face into his mess of hair.
“Is that your can of mace or are you just happy to see me?” He grumbled.
“I think you’d know if it was. It’d be spicy.” I said, breathing in the spot around his neck.
“Alright!” He flung the blankets off him and launched from the bed, slipping into a pair of boxers, “I’m up. Happy?”
“I’m up too.” I said, winking.
“Don’t be a perv. I’ve got work.” His dark green eyes could really cut through me first thing in the morning.
“Yeah-yeah. What’s work ever done for anybody?” I asked.
“It pays for coffee. And that’s what matters to me.” He yawned, scratching his butt, and leaving me in the bed alone.
I relaxed with my arms beneath my pillow and stared at the ceiling briefly, listening to him move through the apartment. The moment I could hear the sound of the shower coming from the bathroom, I darted from the bed, tiptoeing to the kitchen sink. This was something of a ritual. Something I was good at. I filled a glass of cold water and slowly crept to the bathroom, pushing the cracked door open. Felix’s boxers lay on the rug in front of the closed shower. I approached carefully, lifting the glass over my head with a devious grin. Just as I was about to pour the water over the other side, the shower curtain shot open.
There was Felix, pointing a water pistol at me. “Gotcha’ bitch!” He said with glee.
I pulled the glass of water close to my chest and put up my hand, putting on what I hoped was an apologetic smile. “Whoa there. Let’s just calm down. There’s no need for anyone to get hurt.” I said gently.
“Oh,” He cocked his head. “You want to be calm about things? Not this time. This time I’m ready for it.” He stuck his tongue out and closed one eye, looking down the non-existent sight of the water pistol. He fired just as I closed my eyes.
A blast of cool water ran down my chin and chest. Then another. And another. I laughed, throwing the contents of the glass at Felix. Through my closed eyes I hard him yelp with surprise.
“Bastard!” He cried. I heard the clatter of the water pistol meeting the floor of the bathtub.
I leapt into the bath, pulling him in close as the water came down over us.
“You’re stupid.” He said, smirking.
“You’re grumpy. Why’re you always such a grump in the mornings?”
“Leave me alone.” He said, furrowing his brow. He pulled away and snatched a bottle of shampoo, but he was trying a little too hard to hide that grin.
I dried myself off and left him to his shower. Alone in the kitchen, I started scrounging up the contents of our breakfast. Pancakes? Nope. Waffles. Yes!
After idly scrolling through reddit while the waffle maker did its thing, Felix rounded the corner, hair wetted down but fully clothes. “Smells good. Did you make coffee?”
“Not yet.” I said sheepishly. I’d actually forgotten.
“Are you trying to kill me?” He set about pouring the water in the pot and doling the grounds into the filter.
I drowned my waffles in syrup while Felix looked on with disgust.
“Bit much, isn’t it?”
“I like my waffles how I like my waffles. You do yours however.”
We ate breakfast and idly chitchatted, sipping on coffee. On his way out the door, we kissed, and I listened to him pull out of the drive.
It was the first day I’d had to myself since this whole mess had started. Really, it’s a miracle the sorts of things people can grow accustomed to. At night, I’d taken to making my rounds with Abby while staying far far away from the basement door. The little girl wasn’t exactly forthcoming regarding the mysteries of the place, but she was better company than none. I hadn’t spoken to Mr. Calgary since our last meeting in his office and had since wondered if that first bribe would also prove to be his last. If Daryll was anything to go off, it surely wouldn’t be.
I went to the bedroom, scrolled through the innumerable lists of shows and movies Netflix had to offer, flipped through a few books in the den, and finally decided to curl up on the couch and listen to some podcasts. Of course, my browsing history was full of true crime listening and creepy pasta narrators due to Felix’s recommendations, so I had to go out of my way to find a nice bit of philosophical stuff by a woman I’d never heard of. She droned on and I napped the morning away with a belly full of waffles.
My ears exploded with a notification from my phone as I’d not unplugged my earbuds while snoozing. Daryll had sent me a text:
I think Calgary wants you to come in and speak with him sometime this afternoon.
I sighed and checked the time. What could that creep want on my day off?
I texted back:
I dressed down in a t-shirt and jeans and made my way to the museum, taking note of the chill and wishing I’d brought along a sweater or something. I took the steps leading up to the entrance two at a time, hoping to get this impromptu meeting over with.
When I shimmied into the small bare office, I found that Mr. Calgary wasn’t there. I shut the door behind me and waited. Minutes passed by as I watched a buzzing fly near a window trace the edges of the frame. For a brief moment, I eyed the metal chair that still sat leaning against the wall. Contemplation. I thought about using it to sit in for a moment but remembered Calgary’s reaction to my doing so last time. This was my day off! I should have been able to lounge around, watch garbage TV, and work on getting better at Smash Brothers.
I leaned against the wall next to Contemplation, tapping my foot with my arms crossed and yawning into my elbow. Working overnight was hell but I was hoping to keep awake during the daylight hours on my days off. This strategy was proving near impossible.
It could have been thirty or forty minutes before I heard the doorhandle shake with voices on the other side. One was Mr. Calgary, that much was certain, and the other was someone I couldn’t quite recognize. Possibly female. I stood at attention, waiting for the door to open, reeling from the anticipation. I mean that, honestly. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but there was something about that man that I did not like. It was getting to the point that any time I was around him, I felt sick. Mr. Calgary held secrets that nobody knew. Something in the back of my mind said it was magic but of course that was a ridiculous thought. No way Jose.
Mr. Calgary entered and almost ran directly into me. Our shoulders met one another briefly and he spun to look me right on. “Ah, Perry,” He straightened his glasses and craned his head back. The expression he wore was one that people normally reserved for moments when they’ve stepped in something less than satisfactory. The room grew cold. Jesus Christ man! What was with this guy? “Daryll told me he’d let you know I needed you to come in for a meeting. I’m glad he did not let me down.” He snapped his fingers and gave me a finger gun.
I did not reciprocate. My attention went instead to the young woman following close behind him. She wore all black. A skin-tight dress clung to her and her legs were wrapped in fishnets so that her pale legs shone like paper against them. She wore sunglasses and a large sunhat. I kid you not, this lady looked like the stereotypical mistress that shows up to the husband’s funeral, surprising all the children at the reading of the will.
Something told me that she gave me a nasty look just beyond those sunglasses and shifted to turn her attention to Calgary. “I’ll speak to you later, Henry,” She said to Calgary, “Chao.” The lady was gone, shutting the door closed behind her.
“Chao?” I asked Mr. Calgary after I was sure she would be out of earshot. “What sort of person says ‘chao’ unironically these days?”
“Perry please,” He gave me a plastic grin and rounded his desk, unbuttoning his suit jacket so that he could shimmy comfortably into his leather swivel chair. He motioned to the metal folding chair leaning against the wall. “Take a seat.”
“Isn’t that an art piece?” I said.
“No, of course not, don’t be ridiculous. I had Contemplation put into storage a day ago. It was- How do I put this? It was a piece that could not be contained.” He chuckled at this, pushing his hands into a teepee over his desk as he craned forward. “Please now, sit.”
A good dog does what is asked of him. I can only hope that my despondence was communicated well enough.
“So,” He said, “It has come to my attention that you may have grown rather attached to one of the installations here. I hope that you understand this is strictly forbidden. They may come alive at night, but that is no reason for you to make friends, you understand.”
“You mean Abby?”
“That’s the ticket!” He swiveled round once in his chair and met my gaze upon rotation. “The paintings lie.” This immediately reminded me of the things Daryll had said about them upon first meeting him.
“Of course. Paintings often hide things, don’t they?”
“You have that much right. But you see, I’m worried you might be inclined to believe them. You must understand they are nothing more than remnants. Leftovers. Not real people. The other pieces in the museum breathe and move, undoubtedly, but the paintings are the absolute best at blending in. Hence, ‘the paintings lie’. And they do it better than the rest.”
“My dear boy.” He raised an eyebrow. “What don’t you get?” He sighed. “What I mean to say is, they are tricksters. You must understand. They are not your friends.”
Before I could even think, I spoke, “But Daryll is friends with Abby too.”
His grin broadened. “I know. But Daryll also understand the significance of separating your personal life and your work life. Treat them like your co-workers if you will. Just don’t plan on inviting them out for lunch.”
A silence hung in the air while I waited to see whether or not he would continue his tirade. He did not. “Was that all?” I asked.
“Yes.” He began rummaging through a desk drawer. “You may go now.” He waved me away with careless hand.
I left, returned home, and bundled up on the couch. No matter how long I lay beneath the blanket however, I could not get rid of the chill he’d left me with. Being in his presence was a bit much.
Eventually, I did nap, only to half-awaken once more to something tickling my nose. It was slight at first and I was almost able to ignore it. But then the tingling sensation began to run the length of my cheek. Then around my eyebrow. I jerked awake, smacking at the tingling thing on my face only to launch a great big palm of shaving cream directly into my own face. I smiled and wiped the shaving cream from around my eyes to see Felix standing over me.
He wore a magnificent grin as he lorded above me. “That’s what you get for this morning.”
“Is that right?”
I scooped a clump of shaving cream from my face and propelled it at him, catching him in the face. It landed directly against his forehead and then wetly clumped to the floor.
“What. A. Bitch.” He said, straddling me.
After we were both sufficiently covered in the shaving cream and all emptied of the giggles, we cleaned ourselves in the bathroom, cussing one another playfully. As we wiped the stuff off, I began telling Felix about the strange meeting I’d had with Mr. Calgary earlier in the day.
“He’s a real weird guy, isn’t he?”
“No kidding.”
“He told you not to trust the paintings?”
“That’s right.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
I shrugged. “I don’t know.”
There was a long pause between us before he spoke again. “I’m going with you the next time you work. We should investigate the place.”
I’d known that was coming. Felix wouldn’t be able to hang back while I played around in a spooky museum full of activity. “Alright. Just remember it’s dangerous so don’t be careless.”
“It’s dangerous to go alone!” Said Felix in a sing-song voice.
I waited for my next shift with greater anticipation than ever before, double checking my belt. On the way to the museum, Felix went in step with me totally quiet besides the gentle tip tapping on his phone screen as he played some idle clicker game. He said he hated those games, but something about them continuously brought his attention back to them.
The great black marble structure loomed against a gray overcast sky as we took the steps. Daryll was happy to see I’d brought along some company.
“It gets lonely sometimes.” Said the old-timer. “Abby’s good for keeping the demons at bay, but living people are better.” He sighed as he pulled himself from the chair in the camera room. “Poor girl.”
I clocked in and said goodbye to Daryll. He waved over his shoulder as he exited, and I briefly watched him move from screen to screen on the monitors until he stepped out the entrance and locked the door behind him. Me and Felix were alone in the museum and as the skylights brought black to the landscape of the monitors, I felt wrong. I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s like how when old people know it’s going to rain before it does. They say they can feel it in their bones. It was like that. I know something was coming. Something was happening just beyond the periphery of my understanding of things.
My phone buzzed. It was Darryl:
The basement’s been a little rowdy so try to give it a wide birth tonight.
I responded:
No problems there. I won’t be going anywhere near it.
“Weird,” said Felix upon my mentioning the things in the basement. “What do you think’s actually down there? From what you’ve told me about this Calgary guy, I’d say he keeps his deformed incestuous children down there.”
“Jesus Christ, Felix. Do you really think that?”
“Nah. I’m just bored.” His eyes scanned the small closet-sized room. “I don’t know how you do this.”
“Me neither.” I sipped on my coffee and passed it to Felix.
He took a deep gulp and wiped his lips with a satisfied sigh. “That’s the stuff.” He passed it back and we looked on the monitors with mild curiosity. “When do they normally start waking up?”
“It varies. Normally about the time I make my first rounds though.” I checked the alarm on my phone. We had roughly half an hour till I had to make the rounds.
Felix jumped and pointed at a monitor. “You see that?”
“What?” I looked to the spot he was pointing to. There was nothing there. “Don’t tell me you’re getting jumpy already.”
“No. I saw something dart from that door near the entrance.”
My blood ran cold. Did he mean the basement? No. He was pointing at the door to Mr. Calgary’s office. “Are you sure?”
I watched and waited to see something pass in front of one of the cameras surveying the halls that ran the length of the museum. Just as I was about to turn and tell Felix that he needed to calm down, something scampered across the screen near the rear entrance. I watched as it swung the glass door leading out into the quaint garden open. It disappeared outside. Stones grew in my feet and I did not move. I didn’t want to move. With my eyes glued to the screen, I heard Felix jiggle the doorhandle.
I whipped around in my chair. “Whoa! Hold on now!”
“C’mon. We should investigate.”
The wobbly coward inside of me was coming out as I sputtered, “U-um. Nah’. You know. It’s probably nothing.” I checked the alarm on my phone. It would certainly be the earliest on record that those things out there had begun to come alive. No. It couldn’t be the art installations. I could handle something like that. Besides the way the dark thing moved across the floor had an animal feature to it. The thing was too alive.
“That’s why I came here! I wanna’ see it for myself.”
“You did see it for yourself!” I said.
“Well sure, but not up close. I’d like to meet Abby. I wanna’ know what a painting’s life is like.”
“It’s probably not all that glamorous.” I was attempting to rationalize any reason for us to not leave the camera room. “I mean, they just sit there all day.”
“Come on, Perry.” He darted out the door and I heard him pelt down the hallway in the direction of the stairs.
I threw up my hands. “Fine!” I charged after him, clicking on my flashlight. I aimed the beam ahead, watching him take on a full sprint. My legs burned in keeping up. He took the stairs two or three at a time. I attempted to mimic this, but lost my footing immediately, sliding down the steps on my lower back. I zipped past him and landed in the lobby with my limbs sprawled out in all directions in a misguided attempt to catch my fall.
I struggled to my feet as Felix met me at the lobby, holding his sides. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to laugh. You’re just such a klutz.” He reached out to squeeze my arm.
“Yeah-yeah.” I rubbed the sore spot on my back. “Let’s go find your activity.”
We rounded the stairs, this time at a walking pace thankfully. As we passed by the rubbish sculptures and traditional-style paintings, I kept my eyes frozen forward. The place where Before Fall was. I could see the outline of its frame in the darkness and as we neared the thing, I breathed a sigh of relief to see that the woman was still in her painting. Good. I checked the alarm on my phone. We still had plenty of time before I had to make my real rounds and swipe my keycard.
As we came to the glass doors leading out to the rear garden, both of our feet fell silent. The floor was bathed in glowing red light. I shifted to catch Felix’s eyes. He did the same. Only after he coughed into his hand did the silence feel less canny. He took the lead and approached the glass door, reaching out with a stiff arm only to have it dangle fruitlessly. I approached the glass doors and we peered out into the garden. Just beyond a great big tree in the center of the garden, there was a roaring fire. That couldn’t be good. I took out my keyring and unlocked the door, swinging it open. The cool Autumn air met us, and we stepped out. If someone had used that door, how was it locked? It meant they must have a key.
I whispered to Felix, “Do you think it’s Calgary?”
“How am I supposed to know?”
He was right. How was he supposed to know? We took one of the concrete walkways and gave the tree in the center of the garden a wide birth. Near the tall brick wall at the very back of the garden we could see the black outlines of figures. I looked to Felix for reassurance but for all his love of creepy things, I could tell he was just as bothered as me. We crouched as we moved closer to the roaring fire, hiding among the wide short pots with small overflowing flowers.
“What the fuck is happening?” I asked, not really expecting an answer.
The scene came into full view all at once. We were maybe twenty feet from them as we hunkered behind a slatted bench. There was a fire dancing high into the air from a great metal bowl in the center of a semi-circle of black clothed humanoid figures with hoods.
Felix’s voice came out in a crack and only served to make me feel even worse at hearing how terrified he actually was, “They’re cultists. Devil worshipers or something. This is bananas.” Bananas indeed.
They brought out a man from among the gathered crowd. His arms were bound and there was tape across his mouth. A bare-chested man with broad shoulders and a goat mask approached with a raised jagged dagger. As he held the dagger over his head, the hooded figures began chanting in a language I did not understand. The goat masked man’s arms twitched with anticipation and just as he was about to bring it down into the bound man’s head, I- well I just couldn’t stop myself. I screamed, “No!”
Felix immediately shot me a look that said, what the fuck man? I gave a meager shrug and a sorry smile in return. The crowd’s heads all looked to us and within seconds we were surrounded. I heard the clang of the dagger as the goat-masked man dropped it to the concrete and pushed through the hooded figures standing over us.
He shook his head and lifted his mask so that it sat atop his head. He looked totally normal. Like a regular guy.
“What are you two doing here?” He asked in a gruff voice.
Felix responded before I could muster the courage. “We’re just a couple of news reporters looking to interview you about your human sacrifices.”
The man squinted at us as the hooded figures lifted us both to a standing position. “Henry said we wouldn’t be bothered.”
“You know Calgary?” The words left my mouth before I could even think.
The broad-shouldered man eyed me over, slamming his hands onto his hips. “That’s right. How do you know him?”
“He’s my boss. I’m nobody important.” I said. “In fact, I’m so unimportant that even if I did tell anyone about the sorts of things you were doing out here, no one would believe me. Believe me.”
An animalistic guffaw escaped the man. “If you’re so unimportant then perhaps you would like to take the place of tonight’s sacrifice. I can’t imagine that someone of your unimportance would be missed very much.”
Felix interjected. “What? No! Perry’s important! He’s just works for Calgary as a security guard.”
The man looked from Felix then to me then back to Felix. “Is that right?”
I nodded so hard I thought my head would roll off my body.
“Henry knows what we’re doing here. We’re not trespassing if that’s what you’re worried about.”
“Uh,” I muttered, “What about the human sacrifice?”
He barked at one of the hooded figures. “Bring him over!” They ushered the bound man to us, and the broad-shouldered man ripped the tape from the sacrifice’s mouth while the hooded figures removed the twine around his limbs. “Tell them how you feel about being sacrificed.”
The sacrifice spoke only after rubbing the tenderness around his mouth, “Oh, I’m good with it.” His voice was nasally. “I’m Robert, by the way.” He put out a hand and I shook it, looking over the bright red marks across his wrists where the twine had most definitely rubbed him raw. As he withdrew his hand, he looked up to the night sky and whistled. “Boy oh boy. How about this weather? Am I right?”
“You’re fine being sacrificed?” Felix raised an eyebrow.
“Absolutely! I intend to meet Wurm, our dark god.”
I blinked. “Wurm?”
“That’s enough questions!” said the broad-shouldered man. He checked his wristwatch. “The gates are closing and if we don’t finish the ritual now, you’ll never make it in time.” A hooded figure approached with the dagger, handing it off to the broad-shouldered man. He slipped his goat mask back over his face.
“Well!” said Robert, “It sure was swell meeting you fellas. You seem real ni-
The dagger slammed into the top of his head and his eyes cocked out in opposite directions sporadically as he spasmed in front of us. A spurt of blood shot from the top of his head, staining both mine and Felix’s clothes. His body smacked the concrete in front of us with a sound like cordwood.
Mouth agape, eyes wide, I twisted to look at Felix. He stood there, hands out in shocked claws.
They dragged Robert’s body away, leaving behind a leaking trail of blood. The goat-masked man clapped us on our shoulders and said, “Tell Henry I said ‘hi’.” They returned to their alter.
Felix reached out for my hand as I heard him audibly gulp. We returned to the museum, locking the door behind us.
My boss is friends with murdering cultists. So what, right? Right?
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2020.10.19 05:06 AnxiousAsexual667 I WANT AN ASEXUAL FRIEND!!!!!

Hello! Ok so cutting to the chase, I’m lonely. I want an asexual friend and I’m tired of looking at people’s middle finger for black rings. All I’m going to say is that I live in Calgary and I go to western Canada high and if you are ace and go to western, I want to meet up.
Yours truly,
Your lonely asexual friend
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2020.10.19 04:22 barelyfunctioninging [ISO] [CA] daily line up tank size 6/8/10 any colour!

hopefully someone out there has one! i regret not getting this when it was on wmtm :(
preferably want to meet up in GTA but ill be in calgary and vancouver next week or can ship! nwt/nwot euc all accepted thank you :)
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2020.10.19 02:33 Cmtch Anyone in Calgary, Alberta want to meet up for skating?

New skater here! Been trying to practise on second hand skates but realised the wheels were indoors and super worn. Waiting for a new pair and to pick up bearings Monday if anyone's keen after that?
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2020.10.15 17:34 KPLopez My father just called to say he’ll crack my skull.

I don’t know what to do this morning. Around 2am on a work night, he brings that bat from hell into our home. Drugs and smack talk was all I heard for 45m that she was here. Fucking junkies, I hope they both overdose together, it’ll be a beautiful sight to walk in on. She’s ruined everything for our family, the both of them really, bringing all that bull shit home for years. I remember being ten, and the first night she flew to Calgary to meet us, she was in a hospital cuffed, the same night. Can’t hold it together for a week with out shooting up and raising hell. I had enough, he’s been here over a year, and still “looking” for a place. I don’t buy any of his shit! And he doesn’t either! Fucking THEIF! He’s the worlds richest homeless man, with a fucking 72inch plasma tv, new shoes every week, PlayStations with the best headsets, 1000$ winter coats! Fuck him!!! I can’t sleep cause all I hear is him snorting lines and clearing his nose! And smoking a pack of cigarettes in his room and leaving the tv at a crazy volume all night while hes passed out! And skips work cause he’s so fucked up he pisses in his room! Doesn’t eat a fucking thing! Unless my poor 70 year old sick grandmother makes him something! fuck fuck fuck! I hate him.
Sorry for all that ^ I can’t bother to make it make sense if it doesn’t. So I messaged him around 3:30am on a fucking work night mind you, thank god i took the day off but he didn’t know that. I told him I hope him and that scabby (slur, rhymes with mutt) overdose together, he replied with lol. Fucking looser, I sent him another message, I probably shouldn’t have but too late now. I said I hope he didn’t kill him self cause I’ll need his help moving his shit out. He didn’t call until a little later. Right after that I texted my uncle, he’s always been a huge supporter for me and my grandma, without him we’d be so screwed. I told him I need to get him out, didn’t give a when, just said I couldn’t do it and I needed him gone. He’s not safe, during COVID he’s bringing junkies to our place to do his sell ring, no that’s not right. I’m honestly afraid he’ll snap and kill me or nonna. My uncle said he’ll help, that well give him an expected time for him to leave, and we’ll change the locks. I think it’s a fine plan, basic, and nothing deviant from your usual eviction of your coke head father. Well right after my uncle called nonna to let her know the plan, my father called right after, to address my earlier text, he said if I touch anything of his he’ll crack my skull. Needless my grandmother didn’t take that well. She started to cry, I came out to see if she needed help, and she told me what he said. I got a message from him right after.. just a really long HaHaHaHa. He’s insane, the cokes gotten to him. I’m a scared for when he comes home. I hope he doesn’t, I hope he gets caught doing whatever it is he might be doing right now and I won’t have to see him. But I probably will. When we finally change the locks he definitely will make a scene, I’m genuinely afraid for who Evers going to be there. I’ll definitely have 911 ready. All I can do is wait right now.
TL:DR I plan on getting my coke head father out of our house, it’s just me and my sick grandmother and where better with him out. He called to say if I touch anything of his he’ll crack my skull. Where changing the locks soon I hope.
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    1. Poll finds a third of Americans think they handled COVID-19 better than Canada, and are also delusional (38752 points, 2415 comments)
    2. Canada won't follow U.S. and declare national emergency over coronavirus: health minister (12098 points, 1793 comments)
    3. Scheer 'Irresponsible' For Wanting To Resume Parliament Amid COVID-19: Trudeau The Green Party’s Elizabeth May says her "blood is boiling" because the Conservatives seem willing to risk the public’s health for in-person meetings. (11807 points, 1467 comments)
    4. Canada’s military wants Ottawa to ban Huawei from 5G (9573 points, 694 comments)
    5. Justin Trudeau pleads for businesses to ‘please rehire’ as government’s COVID-19 wage subsidy sees slow uptake (9090 points, 2054 comments)
    6. Jagmeet Singh Says Election Showed Canada's Voting System Is 'Broken' The NDP leader is calling for electoral reform after his party finished behind the Bloc Quebecois. (8497 points, 1520 comments)
    7. Economy would be 'greatly negatively impacted' if truckers asked to self-quarantine, industry group says (7629 points, 829 comments)
    8. More than half of Canadians want more aggressive response to China: poll (7377 points, 552 comments)
    9. 75% of Canadians approve of another coronavirus shutdown if second wave hits: Ipsos (7222 points, 1460 comments)
    10. Air Canada promoting ‘leisure’ travel to U.S. despite advisories warning against non-essential trips (6823 points, 679 comments)
  2. 128695 points, 19 submissions: feb914
    1. ‘Everybody will love it’: A four-day work week could help rebuild Canada’s economy post-COVID-19, experts say (33906 points, 2167 comments)
    2. Ontario's new math curriculum to introduce coding, personal finance starting in Grade 1 (22507 points, 1285 comments)
    3. Bell selects Ericsson, not Huawei, to build 5G cellular network (14189 points, 767 comments)
    4. Ontario announces $4 an hour pandemic pay increase for front-line workers (7912 points, 514 comments)
    5. Three-in-Four Canadians Call for Investigation into Birth Tourism (7464 points, 1087 comments)
    6. Yukon to make Daylight Saving Time permanent after final time change Sunday (6473 points, 608 comments)
    7. Ontario reports 700 new COVID-19 cases, most ever on a single day (5343 points, 836 comments)
    8. Parliament should label Uyghur persecution as genocide to foster global support against China’s human rights abuses, says former Liberal justice minister (4797 points, 323 comments)
    9. Nova Scotia reports no new coronavirus cases for 13th straight day (4170 points, 277 comments)
    10. Ontario to slash hydro rates to offset costs of working from home (3184 points, 301 comments)
  3. 103247 points, 7 submissions: fractx
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    2. COVID-19: Kijiji bans listings for toilet paper, hand sanitizer, face masks and other items (34311 points, 1081 comments)
    3. Trump gives FEMA power to restrict trade of essential goods into Canada despite warning from Trudeau (22930 points, 4693 comments)
    4. Canada adds 418,500 jobs, recouping 55% of COVID losses (6162 points, 442 comments)
    5. Medicom to begin manufacturing N95 masks in Canada as foreign countries curb exports (2184 points, 226 comments)
    6. B.C. judge finds double criminality in Huawei case; extradition process continues (1070 points, 310 comments)
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    2. Students spend first day back decorating body bags for grandparents (6281 points, 378 comments)
    3. Nunavik, Northern Quebec (6049 points, 203 comments)
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    10. Canada's population surpasses 38 million (3546 points, 793 comments)
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    2. Canada’s 1% Is Incredibly Rich. Their Wealth Needs to Be Taxed. (14676 points, 2034 comments)
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    3. Canadian military intelligence unit issued warning about Wuhan outbreak back in January (6960 points, 721 comments)
    4. Time for pointing fingers will come later, Trudeau says as Trump calls out WHO (6366 points, 1134 comments)
    5. 85% of workers afraid to return as Alberta meat plant preps to reopen after COVID-19 outbreak, union says (6331 points, 632 comments)
    6. Ford blasts Trump protectionism: ‘When the cards are down, you see who your friends are’ (4382 points, 719 comments)
    7. The only maker of K10S pulp used for surgical masks and gowns is in Nanimo, BC, Canada and has doubled production. (1207 points, 142 comments)
    8. 'Zero chance' of orders being lifted before May, as COVID-19 cases in B.C. surpass 1,000 (1174 points, 370 comments)
    9. Ontario passes emergency order allowing pot shops to deliver and offer pickup (1051 points, 126 comments)
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    1. Liberals reintroduce bill banning forced LGBTQ2 conversion therapy (8053 points, 946 comments)
    2. Amazon ending 'hero pay' in Canada slashing hourly wages and cutting double overtime pay despite coronavirus outbreaks (7058 points, 868 comments)
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    2. Canada-U.S. border to remain closed to non-essential travel until at least Aug. 21, sources say (10021 points, 867 comments)
    3. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says his province has an excess of medical supplies due to 'excellent pandemic planning.' It will send N95 masks and other supplies to Ontario, B.C. and Quebec. Ontario will also get 50 ventilators from Alberta. (9845 points, 955 comments)
    4. B.C. woman reunited with lost teddy bear containing recording of her mother's voice (6183 points, 153 comments)
    5. YouPorn sends Dix letter offering BC $100K to ‘support the building of glory holes’ (3441 points, 281 comments)
    6. 2020 BCSC 785 United States v. Meng - A B.C. Supreme Court judge has ruled that a critical test in the extradition case of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou has been met, and the extradition process will continue. (3097 points, 667 comments)
    7. U.S. drops tariffs on Canadian aluminum (2649 points, 624 comments)
    8. Canadian Press NewsAlert: WE Charity closing operations in Canada (1462 points, 327 comments)
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    2. Experts call on Canadian universities to close off China's access to sensitive research (6558 points, 450 comments)
    3. Telus slapped by advertising watchdog for claim high Canadian wireless prices are a 'myth' (5684 points, 572 comments)
    4. Susan Rice's warning to Canada: Don't let Huawei work on your 5G networks (5515 points, 618 comments)
    5. U.S. government won't say why it allows Canadians to fly to U.S. despite border closure - Canadians can fly to the country but not drive - and many would like to know why (5373 points, 624 comments)
    6. 6 Americans fined for violations while driving through Canada to Alaska — despite tougher rules (3834 points, 424 comments)
    7. Canada's submarine fleet spent 'zero days' at sea last year: government documents - All four of Canada's second-hand subs were tied up last year for maintenance and repair (3631 points, 662 comments)
    8. Why was the arrest of a sitting MP not disclosed to media? (3593 points, 463 comments)
    9. 'We know where your parents live': Hong Kong activists say Canadian police helpless against online threats (3363 points, 510 comments)
    10. Not a bright idea: Ontario's new licence plates 'virtually unreadable' at night, police officer says (3145 points, 577 comments)

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  6. 3792 points: purrson's comment in Kelowna woman, who cannot wear masks due to “severe claustrophobia”, kicked off Air Canada flight for not wearing mask
  7. 3620 points: thetrueelohell's comment in 73% of Canadians don’t want to cover costs for Prince Harry, Meghan Markle: poll
  8. 3365 points: WickedCunnin's comment in Canada loses high-profile bid for United Nations Security Council seat
  9. 3285 points: matt95110's comment in ‘Everybody will love it’: A four-day work week could help rebuild Canada’s economy post-COVID-19, experts say
  10. 3247 points: frankentender's comment in Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says his province has an excess of medical supplies due to 'excellent pandemic planning.' It will send N95 masks and other supplies to Ontario, B.C. and Quebec. Ontario will also get 50 ventilators from Alberta.
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2020.10.14 07:02 chatoxx0 [SELL][Calgary/CA] Makeup declutter

Hey guys,
This is my first time doing something like this but I’ve been wanting to declutter my collection for a while! Please bare with me if I don’t do this correctly
GU-Gently Used LS-Lightly Swatched BN-Brand New
ABH Matte Lipstick Set LS $25 for both or $15 for one
Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette GU $40
Charlotte Tilbury GU Glowing,Pretty skin palette $40
Nars Exposed Cheek Palette GU $50
Kat Von D Shade+Light Face Palette LS and Shade+Light Eye Palette GU $60 for both
Tarte Tartlette Toasted GU $30
Bronzers: BareMinerals Bronzer Faux Tan GU $20 Mac Give me Sun LS $25 Dior Backstage contour Palette GU $40 ABH Powder Bronzer Rich Amber GU and ABH Blush Trio Peachy Love LS $45 for both or $25 each
Violet Voss Holy Grail and Like a Boss Palettes LS $80 for both or $45 each
Marc Jacobs 76 Gilty O Mega Glaze highlighter LS $40
Colourpop Kathleen Lights Zodiac and Dream St palettes GU $30 for both or $18 each
Huda Beauty Nude Medium Palette BN $25
Sephora Facial Stone Set BN $30
Marc Jacobs Daisy Rollerball Set BN $25
Huda Beauty Desert Dusk LS and New Nude GU $125 for both or $65 each
Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette LS $40
ABH Modern Renaissance, Norvina and Soft Glam GU all 3 for $120 or $45 each
Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes eyeshadow palette LS and Sugar Peach face and eye palette GU $80 for both and I will throw in the peach perfect powder for free!
Freebies: Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions Urban Decay naked Petite heat Nars Sin blush Kala Roller Glow Benefit precisely my brow in 3.5 Benefit bag girl bang, they’re real, roller lash or ysl mascara volume effect faux cils (sample sizes)
Thank you for looking! I would prefer to just meet up in Calgary but can look into shipping if someone would like!
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2020.10.11 23:14 bugcatcherfie Someone asked if I'd shoot porn?

Edit: for some reason, it repeated paragraphs and deleted others. I've just gone in and fixed that
So I'm relatively new to Calgary and have started to advertise my freelance photography business in the last week. I try to be polite and professional on the phone, which is important to the story. I don't hang up on people.
I got a phone call from a man named "Mark" who was a little strange but eventually said he was looking for a female photographer to join his business because some models are more comfortable with a woman photographer. I told him I was out of the house and asked if he could call me back later, but he wouldn't get off the line. I said I was open to talking about joining his team but at the moment I'm not looking to join a company.
He kept going "I'm going to be honest I take ____ photos," but every time the photography he specialized in would get closer to porn, until he finally admitted he shoots porn. He'd ask "is that something you'd be comfortable with" and every time I'd be honest and say "I've never thought about it, I can't give you an answer right now." (This was before he told me he shoots porn, at that point I said no and tried to end the conversation and deter him with no luck.)
He eventually got upset and hung up when I wouldn't commit to meeting him in person this weekend (He called me Friday and wanted to meet Sat/Sun).
Now, I don't judge but honestly, this guy was giving me weird vibes. He kept saying he could tell I was open to "things", that I had a good sense of humour, and he was asking about my personal life, (what type of dog, how old am I, where do I walk him).
Have any other female photographers gotten a similar phone call? My friends and fiance are all convinced if I met this man something bad would've happened and now I'm paranoid when people message me looking to set up a photo shoot.
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2020.10.10 17:04 Edwardthecrazyman I get paid to watch paintings at night and sometimes they watch me back.

1/ 2/ 3/ 4
I’ve always been a night owl and a lover of the art world, so when the words, “Yeah, I’ve heard they pay pretty good,” left Felix’s mouth, I put in my application.
I also have a deeply seeded hatred for crowds and love talking to myself so when the voice on the phone said, “Would you be able to make it in today for an interview?” I jumped at the opportunity.
There it was in the cool October air, black marble against a baby blue sky, a towering monolith with its broad thin steps leading to the entrance. I whistled as I pumped my legs up the stairs.
Mr. Calgary met me at the entrance, pushing the red door out and ushering me across the expansive foyer of the museum gallery. He smelt of smoke but erratically worked his jaw against a piece of peppermint gum. His hair was slick and fantastically bordered his black rimmed glassed.
“So, you’d be coming in every night you work to watch the place. Really, it’s a pretty lax job. The whole time I’ve worked here, I’ve not seen a single thing stolen.”
“Well of course you haven’t,” I joked, “You wouldn’t see it if they were good at their job.”
His small, heeled shoes came to an abrupt stop and he spun on me, pointing an awkwardly long finger so close to my face I was sure he’d touch the tip of my nose. “Don’t make jokes like that, Perry.”
“Oh.” I said smally. “Alright.” I attempted to offer a gentle smile.
Mr. Calgary’s features softened. “S’alright.” He smacked the gum in his mouth loudly before continuing the tour. “You’re still a noob.”
I followed along at a steady pace, letting my eyes scan the place over. As Calgary jabbered, we passed a sculpture of a horse made entirely from pieces of rubbish, a bicycle hanging from the ceiling, and other abstract pieces of artwork. These were all relatively boring pieces in my humble opinion. I suppose it’s good I don’t get paid for my opinion. We rounded a corner on the first floor and there I saw it. A breathtaking painting of a young woman sitting in a wheat field with a house far and away in the background. Within the painting she sat beneath a purple night sky, millions of stars hanging overhead. Her hair was pulled back in multiple braids yet sprang out in all directions as though her locks were casually lifted in a stiff breeze. She looked up longing so that her face was captured in profile. My heart thumped in my chest and my fingers curled as I stuffed them into my pocket.
Calgary peeked at me over his shoulder, swiping at the sides of his hair. “Ah, I see you’ve seen our main attraction. She’s quite something, isn’t she?”
“She sure is.” We approached the plague at the bottom of the painting, and I craned over the velvet rope to read it: Tabitha Apple. “I’ve never heard of this artist. How’ve I never heard of this artist? It’s amazing.” I sighed out the last word. The title of the piece stood out in broad black letters above: Before Fall.
“We pride ourselves on only searching for lesser known artists here.” Mr. Calgary beamed from ear to ear, but his demeanor soon grew very dark and somber; even the air around him seemed colder. “It’s a tragedy about the fire though.”
“The fire?” I asked.
“Yes.” He removed his glasses to excuse a nonexistent smudge with a kerchief he flipped from his coat pocket. “Tabitha Apple was such a promising young artist. But she’s been dead for some years now.” He returned the glasses to his face, slapping his hands together. “Burnt to a crisp.”
I jumped at his sudden motion but offered a weak smile in return, keeping my hands in my pockets.
We continued as he slapped his teeth against the chewing gum.
The first night arrived. I’d seen all to be seen within the museum and I slammed myself into the uniform, buckling the leather belt of tools around my waist. I checked myself out in my bathroom mirror. “Freeze!” I shouted at my reflection, attempting to aim my flashlight and pepper spray at the same time. Instead, I dropped them into the floor.
I took a full coffee thermos with me, expecting I would need the extra energy if I were to ever survive the night. I drank half of it before I met the day security guard on the second floor to take over his post.
The old guy in a security outfit sitting behind the desk of many monitors greeted me strangely, “The paintings lie, kid. But I guess you know that better than anyone, don’t you?” His badge read: Daryll.
“Oh, of course,” I said, responding to his stilted speech pattern, “Paintings often hide things, don’t they?”
The old graying man laughed at me. “You don’t know the half of it!” He clapped me on the back and left.
I nestled into the camera room, rifling through museum pamphlets till it was time to make my rounds.
Every hour or so, I had to check in to different spots throughout the facility so that the powers that be knew I was actually doing my job and not just sitting on my keester all night. Each checkpoint had a spot to slide an approved keycard that hung from a lanyard around my neck.
Idly, I sipped the coffee I’d brought, wishing I could remember exactly where the vending machine was that we’d passed on my day of the tour. I assured myself I’d find it soon enough and turtled into my security jacket a bit, watching the monitors. “Normal. Normal. Normal.” It hadn’t even been an hour and my brain was already clawing at the back of my skull to be literally anywhere else.
I sat the empty thermos on the desk and leaned forward, coming up with an imaginary game to play while I waited. “What are your secrets?” I slapped the desk with a flat palm. “Dammit! Don’t lie to me! We know where you hid the body!” I stood and rounded the chair, spinning it so that I was sitting in it like one of those ‘cool’ teachers. I was totally ready to play the role of the ‘good cop’. “Why’ve you gotta’ upset my partner like that? You see him over there?” I motioned to the empty corner of the camera room. “You’ve gotten him all worked up. We can do this the easy way. What do you want? I can get you some cigarettes or something. Are you hungry?”
I leaned back in my chair, giggling to myself. I rubbed my temples. “Jesus Christmas. I’m going to be really bored here, aren’t I?”
As if on cue, something caught the corner of my eye on one of the cameras. “No way.” I whispered. My eyes unwillingly shot to the handle of the room’s door, making sure it was locked. I felt chilly and my breathing picked up.
I’d seen a black figure move along one of the corners of the bottom-most left monitor. I rolled back the footage, half expecting a face to jump at the camera and force me to wet my undies, but it was just empty space. I checked the label as it scrolled through the past few minutes at regular speed. That was down in the lobby. I chewed my bottom lip, feeling a bit of dead skin come off. “No way. Nothing’s going to come out. You’re just nervous. You’re all alone.” A pause. “In a big empty building.” A pause. “With valuable stuff inside.” A pause. “You’re all alone.” I let the words sink in. It didn’t feel better.
A static line scrolled through the screen and there! There it was. Clear as day! A shadowy humanoid form gliding along the floor, from one side of the screen to the other. I rolled back the adjacent camera, the spot where the specter should have met the camera’s view. Nothing. It was just that one camera. Could it have been a bug on the lens?
I jumped abruptly at the sound of my phone alerting me that it was time to make my first rounds of the night and almost collapsed beneath my weak knees. Shutting the timer off, I looked at the screen, wanting to cuss. So, I did. “Fuckin’ shit! I don’t want to go out there now.”
I thought briefly of abandoning my duties and letting the security system alert Mr. Calgary but thought better of it when I remembered the paycheck.
I clicked on my flashlight, wiping my clammy hands against my slacks. My hand approached the door handle like it was a reared snake. Then I grabbed it and twisted. It didn’t open. Claustrophobia settled in and I began jerking the handle around in my hand. “Open! Fucking open!” Then I noticed it was locked and bopped myself in the head with my flashlight admonishingly. “I meant to do that.”
After creeping into the hallway on the second floor, I looked left then right then went at a jogger’s pace, passing long shadowed sculptures of naked people. I stopped for a moment to admire the hard work put into shaping the peach bottom of a nude man. “Good work,” I squinted to catch the name of the artist on the plaque. “Adam Beaumont. Truly your hands were put on this earth to mold such a wonderful ass!” I put my hands on my hips, giving the statue the old ‘up down’. “Impeccable crevice work.”
The shadows crept along the floor, feeling as though they’d strangle me if I were to be mired within them and I took off once more, swiping my card at the rear of the building like I was in a relay race.
I fumbled the lit flashlight, chasing after it with outstretched arms but I only kicked it further away with my stumbly feet. As a last-ditch effort, I dove for the thing, landing on it and sliding along the tiles till I met the rails of the second story overlooking the first-floor lobby. Just then I heard laughing and the sounds of hushed footfalls from somewhere behind. I spun on my bottom, whipping the beam of the light around to confront the no-good-doers. There upon a blank wall sat the hyper realist painting of a chubby faced little girl in a bonnet. She wore a knowing smirk. I pulled myself to my feet and carefully walked over to the painting with its seamless brush strokes. The plaque’s artist was credited as: Abigail Brennon.
Shining the light on the face of the painting, I asked, “What’s exactly so funny?”
“You.” Responded a ghostly voice from behind.
I’m not exactly proud of this bit, but I went lightheaded and almost dropped like a sack of potatoes right there in front of that painting of a little girl. Everything went cold and for a millisecond, it felt like there was a gentle breath rushing down the nape of my neck. I spun around to catch a glimpse of that black humanoid figure rush around the corner towards the bathrooms. “Hey!” I shouted. I say I shouted, but really my voice came out in cracks. “Get back here!”
Don’t ask me why, but I chased after the figure, rounding the corner till I came to the bathrooms. I’d not seen which one it had gone into. Men’s? Women’s? I took a chance and went to the closest. The women’s.
I pushed the door in and shouted. “Hello? Anyone in here? You may not know this, but we’re closed!”
“Help!” shouted the voice of a woman. “There’s a pervert in the women’s restroom!”
My face flushed red and I walked backwards out of the bathroom. “S-sorry.” I stood outside for a moment, staring at my feet. “Hey! Wait a minute!” I slammed the door open and started kicking in the stalls one by one. Each new one was as empty as the last. “Where’d you go?” I asked.
“Too slow.” Whispered a voice down my neck. My arms sprang out in gooseflesh and I whipped all around, searching for the figure. Nothing and nowhere.
“This isn’t funny anymore.” I called out, feeling my stomach do cartwheels.
The sound of the bathroom door opening, and closing responded. Just then my phone rang out again, telling me I had five minutes to make it to my next check point.
I pushed out of the women’s restroom and bolted down the stairs, keeping the beam of the flashlight ahead of me and taking the steps three at a time.
I slid along the tiles about ten feet before skipping over my own toes and meeting the floor with my knees. A soft hiss left my mouth as I wobbled on knees to meet the spot where I needed to slide my keycard near the front entrance. Swipe. I groaned to my feet once more and ran to the back of the museum again, this time on the first floor. As I rounded the corner near the stairs, I could see it. Before Fall sat at the end of the hallway as beautiful as ever. Only one issue. The immaculate woman sitting in the wheat field was nowhere to be found. Had I imagined her? Impossible. I approached the painting.
She was gone. Without realizing it, I began reaching out with the hand not holding the flashlight. I slapped it down and said, “Don’t want the alarms going off, do we?” I responded, “I wanna’ touch it though.” I reresponded, “Don’t be so batty. People are going to think you’re crazy.” I rereresponded, “Fine!” I crossed my arms, defeated by myself.
I swiped my card near the glass windows on the backside of the structure that looked out on a quaint garden. Sighing, I stepped away and shifted to look at the painting.
One double take later, I’d decided that she was in fact in the painting again. My blood ran cold as I stepped up to it. The woman sat in the painting, for sure. But she wasn’t looking up. She was looking directly at me. Her eyes cut so sharply through me, it forced me to take a step back. Then came the immortal debate akin to the one surrounding the Mona Lisa. Was she smiling at me?
I returned to the camera room, thoroughly rattled. Nothing strange occurred for the rest of the night, but continuously I replayed the recording of the lobby. The one with the shadowy figure skirting across the floor like it owned the place.
I guess I have to tell Mr. Calgary he has an infestation of living paintings. There’s only one thing I can think of that might help. Who you gonna’ call?
I’m going to figure out what the hell is going on around here.
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2020.10.10 05:55 ThrowawaySnowKitty I’ve (31F Canada) been denied entry into the country that the guy I love (29M USA) lives.

So.. this story has taken place over a couple years. I will include a quick backstory to begin...
This guy and I began to follow each other in Instagram.. 6-7 years ago. He’s an artsy skater boy from Southern California, and Im an artsy snowboarding girl from Canada. I’m not really sure how it all unfolded, like it did.. but shortly after we started talking.. I was driving to the airport to pick him up. I parked in the pickup area of the Calgary airport and basically ran from my vehicle and jumped into his arms. It was everything. That visit was amazing... I’ve never just clicked with anyone like this, in my life. He went home, but our relationship continued. We talked all day everyday, about silly things, mostly, FaceTiming and laughing a lot. I went to visit him down in California, and he came back up to visit me when I moved back to BC... travel was expensive but it was worth all of it.
He was up here for a visit, and we planned to travel back to California together for a couple weeks... see a concert of a band we loved, go to Disneyland, hang out.... but as we were going through border security in Vancouver International Airport.. I was flagged and pulled into NSA for further questioning. After 2hours of being interrogated, crying and saying all the wrong things.. my entry into the USA was denied, I was labelled an “Intending Immigrant” and sent back to Canada. I didn’t, and still don’t have a mortgage, credit, debts tying me to Canada, and having a boyfriend in the States was motive for me to just never return.. I guess... They were generous enough to let him back through security to say goodbye to me.
That’s the last time I saw him.
Not long after this... his Grandmother, whom he was extremely close with, passed away... I wasn’t able to be there, I wasn’t able to comfort the person I loved the most. We sort of fell apart after that. We sort of tried to move on... but we’ve still been in lots of contact over the years. We’ve gone through little phases. We’ve gone through different relationships. But not one day goes that I don’t think about him, that I don’t dream about just having the chance to see him again.
We’re recently both out of relationships.. and have been talking again for about 3 months. It just feels... good, and nice. We mostly just send silly picture dms back and forth, but it’s pretty much all day, everyday. It’s not completely innocent, we’ve had a few very steamy nights sending pictures back and forth, there’s definitely chemistry and lots of lusty feelings too.
My dilemma is, I want... more than anything, to see this guy again. At least once, even if.. our lives are too different, even if it’s not meant to be... forever... I would give almost anything just for a few days with him. I know things are messed up with covid... there are some countries open to tourism, where we could meet... but I would love to go visit. It would be amazing to surprise him.. get a hotel in the same city and just go.. and see if he wants to hang out when I get there.
SO... How do I get past the border?? How to I prove my allegiance to this Country of mine and prove I DON’T want to immigrate to the USA?! Please.. anybody who’s dealt with this and can offer some advice, please help!! I am.. not good at adulting and I don’t know where to go to for advice about this.
Thanks so much for reading this rollercoaster.
(Tl;dr The love of my life lives in the USA and I’ve been denied entry (intending immigrant) from Canada.. due to lack of mortgage and debts and “ties to Canada.” How do I fix this situation)
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2020.10.09 16:42 __RedRoses 24/25 [FM4M] CALGARY - Boyfriend and I are looking to add a third for some fun!

Boyfriend and I are in the Calgary area and are looking to add a third to fulfill our fantasy!
PM us so we can exchange some info and see if you are a good fit!
We are a young couple adventuring a new lifestyle in our sexuality and are wanting to explore! We would appreciate if you guys would PM us with some info about yourself and let us know some details! We would like all serious inquires only please! We are looking to meet ASAP!
He's 6'1, muscular build, mixed. I am asian, 5'7 and fit as well. I do have muscular thick thighs and a nice bum. We can touch up more on what we are looking for in the PM's.
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2020.10.09 00:28 kirant Covid-19 Update for October 8: 364 new cases, 175 recoveries, 2 deaths + Additional voluntary measures in Edmonton

Data is taken from the Covid-19 portal and today's media appearance by Dr Deena Hinshaw. Dr Hinshaw's next scheduled media availability is Tuesday.
  • As per a question, Dr Hinshaw has confirmed this is the highest single date case count to date
Top line numbers:
Value Current Total
Total cases +364 19,718
Active cases 2,097 (+187)
Cases with "Unknown source" 561 (36.4%) in last 7 days (Change: +131 (+4.2%))
Tests +16,439 (~2.21% positive) 1,472,658
People tested +9,725 1,095,515 (~253,768/million)
Hospitalizations 77 (+11/+0 based on yesterday's post/portal data) 905 (+16)
ICU 13 (+0/-2 based on yesterday's post/portal data) 171 (+2)
Deaths +2 (1x 70-79, 1x 80+) 283
Recoveries +175 17,338
Spatial distribution of people tested, cases, and deaths:
Zone Active Cases (Change) New People Tested Total New Cases Total New Deaths Total
Calgary 604 (-16) +2,524 435,109 +50 9,303 +2 132
Central 39 (+9) +1,020 94,101 +12 706 +0 7
Edmonton 1,251 (+166) +4,528 367,500 +266 6,240 +0 83
North 97 (+7) +1,072 107,826 +16 1,506 +0 35
South 92 (+14) +447 72,567 +13 1,913 +0 26
Unknown 14 (+7) +134 18,412 +7 50 +0 0
Spatial distribution of cases for select cities and regions (cities proper for Calgary and Edmonton):
City/Municipality Total Active Recovered Deaths
Calgary 7831 (+34) 518 (-22) 7195 (+55) 118 (+1)
Edmonton 5549 (+225) 1112 (+132) 4359 (+93) 78 (+0)
Brooks 1132 (+0) 3 (+0) 1120 (+0) 9 (+0)
High River county 560 (+0) 1 (+0) 552 (+0) 7 (+0)
Mackenzie county 414 (+0) 9 (-1) 392 (+1) 13 (+0)
Fort McMurray 289 (+2) 28 (-3) 260 (+5) 1 (+0)
Lethbridge 216 (+6) 44 (+6) 170 (+0) 2 (+0)
Grande Prairie 122 (+7) 25 (+6) 95 (+1) 2 (+0)
Red Deer 115 (+2) 7 (+2) 108 (+0) 0
Cardston county 106 (+0) 3 (+0) 98 (+0) 5 (+0)
Medicine Hat 84 (+1) 3 (+1) 79 (+0) 2 (+0)
Wheatland county 79 (+3) 5 (+3) 73 (+0) 1 (+0)
Wood Buffalo municipality 67 (+0) 3 (+1) 64 (-1) 0
Warner county 63 (+0) 1 (First since Oct 6) 61 (-1) 1 (+0)
Rest of Alberta 3091 (+84) 335 (+61) 2712 (+22) 44 (+1)
Other Counties/Cities with 10+ active cases (change compared to yesterday, if I have it recorded):
City/County Active
Okotoks 11 (+0)
Ponoka County 12
Beaumont 13 (+0)
Leduc 13
Parkland County 15 (+4)
St Albert 17 (+3)
Airdrie 18 (-2)
Lethbridge County 33 (+7)
Sherwood Park 42 (+12)
Rocky View County (9 active) was removed from this list today
Edmonton/Calgary Regions with 100+ active cases (change compared to yesterday, if I have it recorded):
City/County Active
Edmonton Castle Down 103
Edmonton Rutherford 110 (+5)
Calgary Upper NE 122 (-2)
Edmonton NE 145 (+18)
Edmonton Northgate 151 (+16)
Schools with Outbreaks listed online (2+ cases in last 14 days):
Watch - 14 schools (0 new)
  • Coopers Crossing School, Airdrie
  • St. Wilfrid Elementary School, Calgary
  • Clarence Sansom School, Calgary
  • Nelson Mandela High School, Calgary
  • Canyon Meadows School, Calgary
  • Archbishop O'Leary, Edmonton
  • Centre High, Edmonton
  • Ross Sheppard High School, Edmonton
  • Vimy Ridge, Edmonton
  • Highlands School, Edmonton
  • Austin O'Brien, Edmonton
  • Harry Ainlay School, Edmonton
  • Queen Elizabeth School, Edmonton
  • Edmonton Islamic Academy, Edmonton
2-4 cases - 55 schools (0 new)
  • Lester B. Pearson High School, Calgary
  • Crescent Heights High School, Calgary
  • Chris Akkerman School, Calgary
  • Saddle Ridge School, Calgary
  • Apostles of Jesus, Calgary
  • Glenmeadows School, Calgary
  • St. Benedict School, Calgary
  • Monsignor E. L. Doyle Elementary School, Calgary
  • Vista Heights School, Calgary
  • Monterey Park School, Calgary
  • Our Lady of the Assumption School, Calgary
  • King George School, Calgary
  • Ecole de la Rose Sauvage, Calgary
  • John G Diefenbaker High School, Calgary
  • Northmount School, Edmonton
  • Holy Trinity, Edmonton
  • Parkview School, Edmonton
  • St. Oscar Romero Catholic High School, Edmonton
  • Lillian Osborne High School, Edmonton
  • McNally School, Edmonton
  • Ecole Pere-Lacombe, Edmonton
  • Waverley School, Edmonton
  • Cardinal Collins High School Academic Centre, Edmonton
  • Millwoods Christian School, Edmonton
  • H.E. Beriault, Edmonton
  • Riverbend School, Edmonton
  • Christ the King School, Edmonton
  • Oliver School, Edmonton
  • Kirkness School, Edmonton
  • St. Matthew, Edmonton
  • Aldergrove School, Edmonton
  • St Brendan School, Edmonton
  • Dr Donald Massey School, Edmonton
  • Bishop Savaryn, Edmonton
  • Louis St. Laurent, Edmonton
  • J Percy Page School, Edmonton
  • Archbishop MacDonald, Edmonton
  • St. Vladimir Elementary School, Edmonton
  • Soraya Hafez School, Edmonton
  • AlBaqir Academy, Edmonton
  • Jasper Place School, Edmonton
  • Michael Strembitsky School, Edmonton
  • Dickinsfield School, Edmonton
  • St. Maria Goretti, Edmonton
  • St. John Bosco, Edmonton
  • Thomas More Academy, Edmonton
  • Norwood School, Edmonton
  • Richard S Fowler Catholic Junior High School, St Albert
  • Springfield Elementary School, Municipal District Of Peace No. 135
  • St. Gabriel School, Regional Municipality Of Wood Buffalo
  • Sister Mary Phillps Elementary School, Regional Municipality Of Wood Buffalo
  • Holy Trinity High School, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
  • Elsie Yanik Catholic School, Regional Municipality Of Wood Buffalo
  • RancheView School, Cochrane
  • Foothills Composite High School, Okotoks
Removed from 2-4 case list
  • None
Current list of regions under "Enhanced" measures by the province (new in bold):
  • Edmonton Zone (Moved up from "Watch" classification today)
Current list of regions under "Watch" by the province (new in bold):
  • Calgary Lower NE
  • Calgary Upper NE
  • Lethbridge County
Calgary North was removed from the "watch" classification.
Spatial distribution of hospital usage (change based on yesterday's post):
  • Hospitalization zone are where the patient is receiving care, not zone of residence
  • For some reason, the total listed hospitalizations add to 76 despite 77 being reported
Zone Hospitalized ICU
Calgary 32 (+1) 6 (-1)
Edmonton 35 (+7) 6 (+1)
Central 1 (+0) 0 (+0)
South 1 (+0) 1 (+0)
North 7 (+2) 0 (+0)
Statements by Dr Hinshaw
  • Often asked if parents of child with illness, but not positively tested for Covid-19 yet, need to isolate?
  • No, unless they are Covid-19 positive or close contact of a Covid-19 case
  • Child must be isolated from others at home
  • For young children, it may be best to have one parent provide all care
  • Students/Staff at 55 schools with alerts (1+ active cases) are off list
  • 1+ cases in 170 schools (~7%) with 370 active cases
  • 72 schools are on outbreak (2+) with 14 on watch list (5+)
  • In-school transmission has likely occurred in 27 schools, 21 with 1 case
  • 2 deaths today are at the hospital centre
  • 83 cases (42 patients) linked to the centre
  • 2300+ tests conducted because of AHS' aggressive measures
Misericordia Hospital
  • 10 cases in 2 units
  • Widespread testing underway
  • Outbreak protocols being implemented
  • Visitation to affected units is limited, but rest of the hospital is safe
Voluntary Public Health Measure in Edmonton/Capital Region
  • The sharp rise in Edmonton is concerning
  • Past week has raised positive rate to 4% with a reproductive value has gone from 1 to 1.3
  • All parts of Edmonton Zone are being impacted
  • 36% cases exposed by close contact, 26% linked to outbreak
  • In cases of known transmission, household/community contacts are key driver
  • Social, family events continue to be a factor. Several workplace outbreaks have occurred
  • "Edmonton zone now faces a crucial juncture" - acute care impact is a lagging indicator by 1-2 weeks after cases
  • Action must be taken to control cases in the zone
  • Effective today, three voluntary measures have been announced
  • Voluntary because current hospital capacity can meet demand, but current data is "a call to action"
  • 1) Family/private gatherings are limited to 15 people (down from 50). Fewer is better. Does not affect schools, theatres, or worship services but Covid guidance must be followed. Wedding and funerals may not have the reduction occur immediately but it is still encouraged for those planned
  • 2) Masks should be worn in all indoor work settings, except when alone (e.g. cubicle) or with an appropriate barrier
  • 3) Limit the number of cohorts to 3 (previously it was to "limit the number" without specification): household, school, and one social/sport/other
  • Measures are necessary to prevent further escalation of Covid-19
  • Believes that Edmontonians look out for each other and will do their part
  • Will consider any further measures if needed
  • While specific to Edmonton, all parts of the province should take note
  • How concerning are the case numbers province wide with Thanksgiving/Halloween?: Concern right now is specific to Edmonton. Is seeing a fairly steady rate, followed by a sharp spike. Need to continue keeping case rates stable
  • Why not make the measures voluntary?: Has been clear that the two measures for mandatory measures (raising of hospitalizations >5% over two weeks or 50%+ ICU beds occupied). At this time, voluntary changes are to give opportunity to slow the case rates before the acute care use rises
  • Why has Calgary avoided a surge?: Don't think we know 100%. Can offer theories (e.g. - Calgary had a high case rate initially, so work went into ensuring risk was understood). Reminder that this no time for complacency
  • Why was no action taken for so long given Edmonton being on the watch list for weeks?: Notes that we have seen rises/falls without such measures and its important to balance Covid/other health balance. Edmonton's recent cases have surged in the past week
  • Should Edmontonians be blamed?: Wouldn't say blamed, but also notes that Edmonton's different experience to date may need to be considered. Focus groups have noted some people will only take measure if they are personally impacted
  • Will "voluntary" measures hold enough weight?: Edmontonians will decide if "voluntary" means enough. Office has committed to be transparent about what would reverse relaunch. Those haven't been hit and office is keeping their promise, but is giving Edmonton a chance to prevent them
  • Changes to messaging for certain groups?: Cases are still highest in 20-39 case group, so messaging is on how their actions may affect others. Working with teams to determine what messages resonate and what motivates people
  • Level of concern with Coalhurst Good News Centre outbreak?: Each incident is concerning. Focused on on level of communication office has had with faith leaders and their groups
Additional information will be logged below:
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2020.10.08 00:00 edmflower0 Any mom-to-be in Calgary...? Moving there soon, wouldn’t mind to meet people!

Good afternoon!
I am currently 6months pregnant (yay!) and my husband and I are moving to Calgary next week. From my understanding, because of this whole Covid situation, most of the pregnancy/birth classes are moved online (which I totally understand), and being new to town, I’m kind of freaking out that I won’t be able to meet new moms as easily as it would have been in non-covid times... And being stuck at home with a newborn during a pandemic with no other moms to relate to/complain with isn’t appealing at all...
Does anyone have any recommendation on how to meet mom-to-be in Calgary, even virtually at first? I am part of some forums/group chats with other moms from around the world, but the idea of being able to have play dates once everything opens up/becomes safe sounds amazeballs...!
Any help/advice would be super appreciated!
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2020.10.06 06:51 Cowrycabinets Which is the requirement of renovating the Kitchen?

Kitchen Renovation is an integral part that would increase the worth of your place and simultaneously make it look elegant and beautiful. This will offer you an opportunity to select the designs and styles that go perfectly with the current and potential home décor trends. Right from polishing till adding the kitchen, you must pay attention to each and every item for a simplified yet classic look. As a result, you must look for a professional company that can help you in affordable kitchen cabinets Calgary to add significant value with the most trending patterns and material. They would offer you the best possible rates so you get your dream kitchen. Here we have discussed about some of the requirements of renovating the kitchen.
It offers an appealing aesthetics to your place
It is important to flow with the trend in order to maintain your social class that just reflects your elegance and sophistication side by side. Along with that, a kitchen renovation will change the entire look of your house ad simultaneously fixes up all the problems with the fixtures and faucets and lightings. You can add more cabinets with the objective of offering an appealing aesthetics to your place by providing equalize storage space. This will make your kitchen look more functional and less cluttered that would last for long without incurring any additional cost for repair and maintenance. Use your referrals and finalize your meeting with the company to take a tour of their offerings for a classic impression.
It makes your kitchen energy efficient
Renovation of the kitchen will upgrade your existing look and make it sustainable by using environmentally friendly materials like wood, bamboo or any. Moreover, it will make your place energy efficient by placing the conventional lightings with the LED light lamps to save money in electricity bill and that’s what makes it energy efficient. However, you can look for Home Renovations in Calgary that would renovate the bathrooms as well with a significant outlook. You will get popular Cabinet Styles and Choices and affordable Kitchen Cabinets like Congac Cabinets, Grey Cabinets and Milk White Cabinets. You can have a call with the professionals who will help you in selecting the best kitchen at budgeted rates.
It ensures relaxation and comfortability
A new and revamped kitchen will be full of ventilation and storage space that ensures relaxation and comfortability at its best. In fact, it gives you pleasant vibes to cook and work in a kitchen with utmost zeal and zest. There will be an ample flow of sunlight that would brighten up your place with a natural sparkling effect. You will get a spacious dining space with an enlarged arrangement in the seating area to enjoy watching movies or cooking together. Moreover, you can simply install the oven or microwave to bake the munchies and simultaneously ensure security and injury over and above. Compare the benefits of renovating your home under professional guidance. They are countless.
As a result, you must contact Cowry Cabinets now for customized selections and excellent designs of Calgary kitchen cabinets.
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2020.10.05 21:28 FiannaLegend Irish traveler (25 M) looking for ride to Jasper

Hello people of Calgary!
My name is Kevin. I'm 25 years old, Irish and passing through here before heading home. I'm in Calgary until next Monday. I was hoping to catch a ride with anyone or a group who might be going up to Jasper this weekend. I've heard the Icefields Parkway is an amazing drive and even better than the one to Calgary through Banff. I find that hard to believe! (I roadtripped here from Vancouver with a friend and the views on the way were crazy)
Obviously I will contribute to gas money and any other expenses etc. I was hoping to spend a night up there since it's a decent drive, I can do two nights if that's what your plan is. I'm a really friendly talkative guy just looking to experience everything Calgary and Alberta has to offer and if possible meet some cool people along the way! :)
If you think you want to let me tag along, let me know. We can exchange social media and chat some to see if we're a fit.
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2020.10.05 20:27 BlakeDatAzzUp BlakeDatAzzUp's 2020 NHL Mock Draft

PREFACE: pls dont hurt my feelings
1st Round
1. New York Rangers - Alexis Lafreniere - LW - QMJHL Rimouski
No shock here as the most complete, high floor high ceiling player in years finds his way to the most undeserving team. Thanks Bettman.

2. Los Angeles Kings - Quinton Byfield - C - OHL Sudbury
I don't think there's any reality where LA doesn't take QB. Any uncertainty stems from hoping Ottawa breaks and coughs up some picks to make sure they get their guy. Marco Sturm and Anze Kopitar will make for two great mentors for QB.

3. Ottawa Senators - Tim Stutzle - C/W - DEL Mannheim
If it's not Stutzle, it's Raymond. Well, unless they want to gatekeep D from going to Detroit. But, assuming Dorion wasn't talking out his butt, 1-3 go as planned. Stutzle who really seems mature beyond his years, could make the jump as soon as this year- depending on how Ottawa wants to manage his development.

4. Detroit Red Wings - Jake Sanderson - LD - USHL USDP
I'll eat crow if it isn't.

5. Ottawa Senators - Jamie Drysdale - RD - OHL Eerie
They've seen teams sleep on the skilled unersized d-man. They won't let it happen, especially with how even kneel and professional Jamie's demeanor is.

6. Anaheim Ducks - Cole Perfetti - LW/C - OHL Saginaw
Perfetti and Zegras is just a terrifying 1-2 punch.

7. New Jersey Devils - Lucas Raymond - LW/RW - SHL Frolunda
The Devils bucked expectations by going Nico over Patrick, awarded Hughes and now gifted Raymond. The draft gods love New Jersey.

8. Buffalo Sabres - Marco Rossi - C - OHL Ottawa
Kevyn Adams is in such a sticky situation with Eichel's future up in the air and Mittelsted not progressing as planned. Rossi is the real deal, whether it mitigates the pending loss of Eichel, or ends up being his compliment a line down. It's a smart move by Buffalo with so much uncertainty surrounding their roster.

9. Minnesota Wild - Yaroslav Askarov - G - KHL SKA
Judd Brackett comes from Vancouver, who's draft record as of late has been fantastic. But they've also been in a position to take the obvious BPA. Add this to another win on Brackett's long list of succesful first round picks. Hunter Jones last year shouldn't deter them from solidifying a known weakness on their team.

10. Winnipeg Jets - Seth Jarvis - RW - WHL Portland
Does Laine being shopped put an end to Finnipeg? It might put a pause on it, not because Lundell isn't good enough, but because Jarvis is that electryfying. Raw skill, high IQ. Could Dal Colle' on us, but his mind for the game seems better prepared for the NHL.

11. Nashville Predators - Jack Quinn - LW/RW - OHL Ottawa
Conventional safe wisdom would have Nashville taking Anton Lundell as well. But Jack's skill level is unquestionable. He'll come into the league with a chip on his shoulder that he wasn't in consideration much higher in the draft.

12. Florida Panthers - Alexander Holtz - RW - SHL Djurgardens
The North American bias is real. Holtz ends up falling a tad further than anticipated, but I can't think of a better situation for him to fall into. HooberDoo - Barkov - Holtz could be absolute ~filth~.

13. Carolina Hurricanes - Rodion Amirov - LW - KHL Tulpar
You can't ignore the already marked progression in Rodion's game. The russian factor has never affected Carolina, hello Federov. The high end potential is too much to ignore.

14. Edmonton Oilers - Anton Lundell - C - LIIGA HIFK
KH/Wright always jump at the opportunity for a faller. Here yeee'arhh

15. Toronto Mapleleafs - Kaiden Guhle - LD - WHL Prince Albert
Defense is always a priority and with the beating Toronto took by it's media/fan base for a lack of intensity. Guhle projects as a sign that that Dubas is listening.

16. Montreal Canadiens - Brendan Brisson - C/W - USHL Chicago
Wisconsin bound, and more importantly, no injury concerns. Headed to UofM with another top US draft eligble, should be ready to make an impact in 2-3 years.

17. Chicago Hockey Club - Dylan Holloway - C - BigTen Wisconsin
Yannick Perrault im sure attempted to bring his son Jacob into the pipeline, but the Wisconsin/Chicago fan base would shoot them for not taking the Toews predecessor.

18. New Jersey Devils - William Wallinder - D - SWE MODO
Pure size and skating. A unique prospect that needs time to mature and fill out.

19. Calgary Flames - Connor Zary - C/LW - WHL Kamloops
For a historically physical team, speed isn't a deterence when looking at a kid. The compete level mixed with the skill level screams future Flame. Ala Monahan.

20. New Jersey Devils - Helge Grans - D - SHL Malmo
Double dipped in Sweden on D. They need the help and the value is here.

21. Columbus Blue Jackets - Thomas Bordeleau - RW - USHL USDP
Cole Caufield 2.0 but instead of Wisconsin, he's going to Ann Arbor with Brisson.

22. New York Rangers - Dawson Mercer - RW - QMJHL Drummondsville
Lafreniere brings a certain level of intensity, as does Mercer in a very similar way. Kris Versteeg is a name that comes to mind when looking at Mercer.

23. Philadelphia Flyers - Jacob Perrault - C/W - OHL Sarnia
Flyers get themselves a shooter, good size and NHL bloodlines. The comparisons between Holloway/Perrault internally for Chicago will go on for years to come. Flyers make out like bandits this deep into the first.

24. Colorado Avalanche - Hendrix LaPierre - C - QMJHL Chicoutimi
The rich keep getting richer. With the injury concerns and shortned season, you're really going out on a limb going into the draft. No team can afford to take that risk more than Colorado. If all pans out will be a great replacement for Nadri at the very least.

25. Washington Capitals - Jan Mysak - C - OHL Hamilton
The Capitals have always beat to their own drum in the draft and they see ultra skilled Czech slowly slipping their way. BPA meets Value.

26. St Louis Blues - Braden Schneider - RD - WHL Brandon
He fit's the aura of the Blues. It's the same team that drafted Jackman, Parayko, Edmundson and even took a gamble on DETs Nedomlel. They like their big d-men.

27. Anaheim Ducks - Tyson Foerster - C/RW OHL Barrie
Perfetti and Zegras, throw in Foerster to snipe in all the loose offense that they create. That trio has all the potential in the world to exceed whatever Getzlaf/Perry/Ryan had in their prime.

28. Ottawa Senators - Ryan O'Rourke - LD - OHL Soo
A natural leader with a nasty streak. Fits the current make-up, could potentially be the saftey gap that lets Drysdale rip a little move freely.

29. Vegas Golden Knights - Mavrik Bourque - RW - QMJHL Shawinigan
Vegas just slurps up the sloppy seconds and keep getting richer because of it. Bourque is a little bit slept on in this draft class. Where Krebs fell in their laps last yaer, Bourque does the same this year.

30. Dallas Stars - Marat Khusnutdinov - C - KHL SKA
Nill comes from a long line of long planning and putting players in places, not exactly swinging for the fences ever. Marat having all the tools to be a projectible NHL center is a TYPICAL Nill pick.

31. San Jose Sharks - Emil Andrea - RD - SWE HV71
Ryan Merkley cemented the fact that they are not scared of size on the back end or characther issues. Where most assume smaller swedes are soft, Emil makes up for his height with extreme competitiveness. Has that Zidlicky-esque physicality to his game.

2nd Round

  1. Detroit Red Wings - Lukas Reichel - LW - DEL Berlin

  1. Ottawa Senators - Ridley Greig - C - WHL Brandon

  1. San Jose Sharks - John Jason Peterka - LW - DEL Munchen

  1. Los Angeles Kings - Noel Gunler - RW - SHL Lulea

  1. Anaheim Ducks - Justin Barron - RD - QMJHL Halifax

  1. Nashville Predators - Roni Hirvonen - C - Liiga Assat

  1. Buffalo Sabres - Ozzy Wiesblatt - C/RW - WHL Price Albert

  1. Minnesota Wild - Jeremie Poirier - LD - QMJHL Saint John

  1. Winnipeg Jets - Theodore Niederbach - C - SHL Frolunda

  1. Carolina Hurricanes - Topi Niemela - D - Liiga Karpat

  1. Nashville Predators - Luke Evangelista - RW - OHL London

  1. Florida Panthers - Daniil Gushchin - RW - USHL Muskegon

  1. Toronto Mapleleafs - Sam Colangelo - RW - USHL Chicago

  1. Detroit Red Wings - Will Cuylle - LW - OHL Windsor

  1. Chicago Blackhawks - Tyler Kleven - LD - USHL UDSP

  1. Montreal Canadiens - Brock Faber - LD - USHL UDSP

  1. Montreal Canadiens - Daniel Torgersson - LW - SWE Frolunda

  1. Arizone Coyotes - Idiots

  1. Calgary Flames - Lukas Cormier - D - QMJHL Charlottetown

  1. Los Angeles Kings - Joni Jurmo - D - Liiga Jokerit

  1. Ottawa Senators - Daemon Hunt - D - WHL Moose Jaw

  1. Carolina Hurricanes - Jake Neighbours - LW - WHL Edmonton

  1. Philadelphia Flyers - Eemil Viro - D - Liiga TPS

  1. San Jose Sharks - Wyatt Kaiser - D - HS-MN Andover

  1. Detroit Red Wings - Donovan Sebrango - D - OHL Kitchner

  1. Montreal Canadiens - Vasili Ponomaryov - C - QMJHL - Shawinigan

  1. Boston Bruins - Jean Luc Foudy - RW - OHL Windsow

  1. Ottawa Senators - Zion Nybeck - LW - SHL HV71

  1. Los Angeles Kings - Luke Tuch - LW USHL USDP

  1. Ottawa Senators - Shakir Mukhamadullin - D - KHL Ufa

  1. Tampa Bay Lightining - Ty Smilanic - C - USHL USDP

3rd Round

  1. Detoit Red Wings - Dylan Peterson - C - USHL - USDP

  1. Ottawa Senators - Nico Daws - G - OHL Guelph

  1. Detroit Red Wings - Michael Benning - RD - AJHL Sherwood Park


  1. Detroit Red Wings - Jake Sanderson - LD - USHL USDP

  1. Detroit Red Wings - Lukas Reichel - LW - DEL Berlin

  1. Detroit Red Wings - Will Cuylle - LW - OHL Windsor

  1. Detroit Red Wings - Donovan Sebrango - D - OHL Kitchner

  1. Detoit Red Wings - Dylan Peterson - C - USHL - USDP

  1. Detroit Red Wings - Michael Benning - RD - AJHL Sherwood Park
submitted by BlakeDatAzzUp to DetroitRedWings [link] [comments]

2020.10.05 20:13 LisWrites The Ace of Cups [Part 1]

The world was ending. Of that, I was nearly certain.
“Come on,” Art said, jabbing my arm. “Stop being overdramatic. It’s not the end of the world.”
I groaned, pulled the blanket over my head, and rolled toward the wall. My head felt heavy with a knot of nerves just under my forehead.
Art sighed. “Mark. Seriously. I’m going to leave without you.”
“Good! I told you not to come here in the first place.”
Suddenly, my warm nest of blankets was peeled away. The cold air shocked my skin. “Come on.”
Art frowned at me and folded his arms across his chest, all impatient. “I’d be a shitty friend if I left you to wallow in your self-pity while I partied.”
“You’re right. You would be.”
“I’m not missing on Lance’s party to mope around your dorm.”
I sighed. “I’m just not in the mood to be around a bunch of people right now.”
Art ran his hand through his blond hair, messing the strands up more than his usual messy-style already were. “Look.” He pulled the chair over from my desk and flopped down. “I know it sucks being dumped. I mean--I assume it does. I’ve never been dumped.”
“Fuck off.” I chucked my pillow at his head.
Art caught it. “But my point still stands! It sucks. There’s nothing I can do to change that.”
“You’re really good at these pep talks. Have you thought of being a motivational speaker?”
“My point is that it’s Sarah’s loss! You’re a great guy. There will be other girls who’d be lucky to have you. But you’re not gonna meet them if you’re lying in bed.
“And--girls aside--it’s the end of the semester. We’ve all been working hard these past few months, but you especially. Even without Sarah, you deserve a night to have some fun. Just relax and have a few drinks and celebrate the fact you survived another semester of uni. Tomorrow you can come to my place and we can commiserate over pizza and beers.”
I frowned. He did have a point. Occasionally, Art could make a strong argument. He had a way with words that could make you believe almost anything.
“Or we can hit the gym at six in the morning if that’s the sort of post-break-up look you’re wanting to go for.”
“Ugh. Fine.” I pushed myself up and wiped my hair away from my brow. It was a tangled and greasy mess.
Here was the thing--Sarah had dumped me yesterday. Sarah. She’d been my girlfriend since half-way through grade twelve, though we’d been friends all throughout high school. Just after New Year’s would be our two-year anniversary. Or, at least, it would’ve been.
If she hadn’t dumped me via text. Hey, Mark. This isn’t working.
I turned over the words in my head. Yeah, it had been tough doing long distance, but it wasn’t that long of a distance. She was down in Calgary, I was here in Edmonton. We’d call each other all the time. We’d both taken weekend trips to see each other. We’d met in the middle, too. A three-hour drive between us wasn’t the worst thing ever.
At least it wasn’t for me.
Sarah, apparently, saw it differently.
I rubbed my eyes. The fluorescent light of my dorm burned my retinas.
“Good. Let’s get going.” Art walked over to my closet and yanked the door open. Normally, I would’ve balked at this blatant disregard for my boundaries but when it came to Art, that line was long since gone.
We’d been roommates in our first year of university. There’s only so much privacy you can hope for in a room the size of a shoebox.
This year, I was lucky enough to snag a much sought after single dorm. It was cramped for space, that was true, but the rent was cheaper than anywhere else and I didn’t have to listen to Art’s snores while I tried to sleep. The fire alarms did still go off on a biweekly basis, though.
Art, on the other hand, and moved off-campus. To a nice apartment in a high-rise downtown.
I had to admit that it did make me a little jealous when I was heating up mac and cheese on a hot plate while he had a fully stocked kitchen. But Art’s family was rich; he didn’t have to worry about money. Hell, he lived in residence in our first year ‘for the experience’.
“Here,” Art said, tossing a button-down denim shirt at me. I didn’t catch it. It smacked into my face. “Go shower. I wanna leave in twenty.”
“Fine.” I untangled myself from my bed.
As I was heading to the door, Art winced and clutched his side. “You okay?” I asked.
“Yeah.” He nodded and stretched. “Side-stitch. I think I ran too far today.”
I rolled my eyes. Seriously? It was just my luck that I had to be surrounded by a bunch of jocks. My high-school self would’ve never believed it.
Half an hour later, Art and I were in his car, heading towards Lance’s place. It was only a few blocks really, but it was too cold to walk. The wind was blistering and it had dumped half a foot of snow yesterday--most of the sidewalks were still buried in snowdrifts.
Besides, the sky was pit black. I shouldn’t have been surprised. It’s not like this was unusual for early December, but it seemed strange to see the world this dark. Back in the summer, I’d been camping in the mountains and the world never shifted this dark. Even well past midnight, there would still be inky blue tones in the sky. I guessed that was just part of living where we did. Dark winters. But bright long summer days to offset them. Sunsets that would last for hours.
Sunsets you could watch with the person you loved. Like Sarah. We’d packed her civic and drove up to the mountains and sat and watched the sun sink while we drank warm white wine and roasted hot dogs over the crackling fire.
Her honey-blonde air and brown eyes caught the light of both the sunset and fire.
I snapped my attention toward Art. “What?”
“I know you’re thinking about her again,” he said as he pulled into a free spot on Lance’s street.
“I am not.”
“You are. But try to forget her for a few hours okay? This is a party.”
I opened the door and stepped out of the car--right into a pile of ploughed snow. I felt a chunk slide inside my shoe and the burning cold pressed against my ankle. I shuddered. “Fine.”
“Just a few hours. Alright? Don’t think. Just enjoy.”
I pushed my hands inside my pockets and nodded.
“Give it a few weeks and you won’t even be thinking of her. I promise.”
At that, I scoffed. It was going to be hard not to think of Sarah over Christmas. I already had a present for her and everything--I’d have to see if Aritzia would accept returns. That scarf was fucking expensive.
“You ready?” Art shot me a glance as we reached the top of the steps down to Lance’s basement suite. He was giving me an out. As much as Art liked to push, he always stopped before he crossed the line and became pushy.
But I nodded. As much as I wasn’t quite in the mood for a party, the thought of spending the night in my dorm while my friends had a good time was even more depressing. “Yeah. Let’s do this.”
Part 2
submitted by LisWrites to LisWrites [link] [comments]

2020.10.05 07:48 strawberryblossomm How to make friends as an adult :-0

Helloooo I'm 21 years old and I'll be graduating in April 2021 and I have no friends LOL I've always had a hard time maintaining friendships in real life. As of now I only have 2 friends and they are online. Although I enjoy their company, they agree that I need to expand my social circle in real life. In the past people have always ended up ghosting me and I thought it was a me problem so I've worked hard to improve myself LOL
I'd love to make some new friends but now I'm struggling to figure out how to do so since I haven't been on campus for a year. I'll be back in uni in January but I will be doing my teaching practicum the entire semester.
Basically what I'm trying to ask is how do you make friends outside of school in Calgary? Where can you meet like minded people? Thank you!
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2020.10.05 02:03 yycs What rec sports are still recruiting for the fall?

I'm looking to play an indoor sport, not really too fussed as to which one, more so looking to get out, meet people, and be active. I do like soccer, hockey (ice or ball), and volleyball as some examples.
Calgary sport and social club, which I usually use, is all booked up for the fall. Could someone please tell me of any other recreational leagues that are still allowing players to sign up? Thanks!
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Helix and YouTube Calgary Meetup at the Rec Room!! Salsa Dancing In Calgary, Meetup group in Calgary MEETUP CALGARY !!!!! - YouTube Calgary YouTube Meet Up! 2019/2020 CALGARY LPS MEETUP! Huge Calgary motorcycle meetup Youtube Calgary Video Creators Meetup Vlog #YYCTube RecRoom The Million Dollar Meetup In Calgary Calgary Python Meetup (PyYYC) Sept 2020 - YouTube

Groups near Calgary, Alberta Meetup

  1. Helix and YouTube Calgary Meetup at the Rec Room!!
  2. Salsa Dancing In Calgary, Meetup group in Calgary
  3. MEETUP CALGARY !!!!! - YouTube
  4. Calgary YouTube Meet Up!
  5. 2019/2020 CALGARY LPS MEETUP!
  6. Huge Calgary motorcycle meetup
  7. Youtube Calgary Video Creators Meetup Vlog #YYCTube RecRoom
  8. The Million Dollar Meetup In Calgary
  9. Calgary Python Meetup (PyYYC) Sept 2020 - YouTube

Enfin j'ai pu rencontré certain d'entre vous lors d'une après midi vraiment génial !!! Find me on : ♥INSTAGRAM - ♥EMAIL-... I was super excited for this vlog because I have been attempting unsuccessfully to attended a #YYCTube event for so long, but my schedule never allowed it. This was a lot of fun even though I didn ... I head out to catch metal legends Helix and then go to the YouTube Calgary Meetup at the Rec Room! I sit down with fellow YYCTube creators that are part of the Calgary Video Creators Community. Casino Rueda Dance at the Calgary Latino Festival on August 28, 2015. Organizer. This meet was a ride for prostate cancer in Calgary Alberta. This Meetup is created By Normal People For Normal People & Investors. Every Month, room full of successful investors, business owners, first time investors, and new graduates take precious of ... 2019/2020 CALGARY LPS MEETUP! lps talkback. Loading... Unsubscribe from lps talkback? ... I Went To LPS Meetup 2018 - Trade Haul & Vlog - Duration: 14:48. AllDolls 31,501 views. I play some board games with fellow content creators from Calgary. Check out some other stuff by these guys! Twitter: @thedxt @thekylemarshall @shamimflow @ma_yyc @paininc. Opening slides: 06:30 Keegan Callin: Making Bad Ideas Work: Real-Time Control Firmware in Python...